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Consider Object Storage for High-Performance Use Cases

In response to data storage needs, object storage providers are offering high-performing products that are cost effective and scalable.
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Managing data growth and leveraging data for valuable insights are some of the biggest challenges modern-day enterprises face. With increasing budgetary pressures and the need for ease of use and ease of management, customers continue to look for technologies that better address their needs.

According to IDC, data creation and data retention are at an all-time high:

  • Selon IDC, la production et la rétention de données n'ont jamais été aussi élevées : d'ici 2023, la « Global DataSphere » comptera 102,6 Zo de nouvelles données.
  • De 2018 à 2023, les données devraient croître à un taux de croissance annuel moyen de 25,8 %.
  • En réponse aux besoins de stockage de données, les fournisseurs de stockage d'objets proposent des produits performants, efficients et scalables.

What's inside

  • Storage Requirements for Organizations Dealing with Data Growth
  • Proliferation of AI, ML, and DL Technologies and Their Infrastructure Requirements
  • Considering OpenIO. Performance and Challenges

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Written by

Amita Potnis
Research Director at IDC
Amita is a Research Director within IDC's Infrastructure Systems, Platforms, and Technologies Group, covering research on infrastructure for content and cloud-native apps, artificial intelligence (AI), and security. She specifically focuses on early-stage and emerging vendors providing advisory services in areas of product management, marketing, and market positioning.

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