OpenIO Object Storage vs. HDFS

The landscape of Hadoop storage for BigData has changed dramatically. Is it time to replace HDFS with High-Perf S3 Object Storage?
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Hadoop jobs require a high-performance storage solution, and even if most object stores are now compatible with the S3 API, few can sustain the high performance required for Hadoop in respect to the original performance of HDFS.

This 16 pages report demonstrates the high performance of OpenIO Object Storage in a Big Data environment.

Benchmark principle

Our goal in conducting this benchmark was to compare the performance of HDFS to that of OpenIO. We wanted to validate the integration of OpenIO and Hadoop for MapReduce jobs, using some reference Hadoop benchmarks and a modified version of DFSIO to test IO performance.

We used the following benchmark tools:

  • TeraGen / TeraSort / TeraValidate
  • RandomTextWriter / Wordcount

What's inside

  • Architecture
  • Configuration
  • Benchmark Results


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