Technical paper

The Solution for Multipetabytes Email Storage

Learn more about our mailbox-aware object storage solution, designed and optimised for email.
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The answer to the most demanding challenge that any email providers is facing.

Quick facts

OpenIO is a software-defined object storage solution. It's hardware agnostic, and runs on commodity x86 and ARM servers, also in mixed-node configurations. In terms of email server software OpenIO is application-independent, and supports key vendors. At the same time, it is capable of offloading tasks such as spam filtering, threat detection, email indexing, and trancoding to the storage platform.

What's inside

In this paper you will learn how OpenIO achieves efficient scalability, linear performance and ease of use, answering to the email storage challenge.

  • Challenge: Email storage
  • Our Solution: Mailbox-aware object storage
  • Unique features: By design
  • Unique features: Grid for Apps
  • Use case: Scale out Cyrus 3.0
  • Use case: Dovecot now stateless

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