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OpenIO Object Storage Tiering

Learn how OpenIO rule-based dynamic tiering improves storage efficiency and reduces cost.
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Managing tons of data is challenging. In this white paper you will find how to build a flexible storage infrastructure that fits current and future needs.

The cloud is not the solution, the same goes for traditional on-premises storage infrastructures. OpenIO let you orchestrate data movements through multiple media and data protection schemes, on premises as well as in hybrid environments, including:

  • A fast-access tier based on flash memory
  • High-capacity hard disks for near-line data
  • Cloud storage to manage peak demand as well as cold data sets
  • Tape for the best $/GB and long term archiving

What's inside

Scalability is only one side of the storage problem: performance, ease of use, and flexibility are equally important. OpenIO addresses all these and ensures that any data can be managed efficiently with a suitable $/GB.


  • The Challenges of Storing Petabytes of Data
  • Addressing Data Storage Issues
  • The trouble with Traditional Storage Tiering
  • OpenIO Storage Tiering Architecture
  • Hybrid Cloud for Bulk Content and Big Data
  • Dynamic Tiering for Complex Email Environments

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